A game about dreaming while trapped.  It's my first Bitsy game, so let me know if something doesn't work.  There are 11 endings to find!  It contains quite a few mentions of mortality so watch out if that's not your thing.  


Caeth whose menu idea I pretty much copied from Investigate

Definitions of Corticosis and Ecstasis, as well as the slugs, from this lovely collection

‘Night, street, street-light, drugstore’ by Alexander Blok

 Made in Bitsy  by Adam Le Doux

Hacks applied with Borksy by Ayolland

Hacks from mildmojo

Big thanks to Caeth, Dane Asmund and Noah S. Brown for showing me Bitsy.  

Development log


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I really like the uniqueness of this game! The vague weirdness of the dreamscape is super fun to investigate.

I keep coming back to this throughout the day to try to get another ending. This is so fascinating and complex! I'm so glad you made it :)


Let it be known I was VERY ecstatic when I got to the crab....

Incredible game!! So poetic!! ✨✨ I still have to get all the endings~


Thank you!  I'm going to give it a few days but then I'll probably post something that explains how to get to all of the endings.